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Pictures with Nuns.

Awful picture of Saint Caterina’s finger.

We entered the San Domenico Cathedral today in Siena, Italy.

FUN FACT: Back in the day when Saint Caterina died, the people of Siena chopped off her head and her finger and smuggled these appendages back to their city.

I’m sure just just like any other human being you assumed that these two pieces of her body had decayed after the hundreds of centuries that have passed.. HEADS UP! YOU’RE WRONG. I stared Saint Caterina square in the face today…grey flesh with mangled and tangled what looked to be hair? All I had to say was “WOW.”

Nothing to do but try to get a picture…only barrier being all the ushers yelling “NO PHOTO” at all the other people in the cathedral trying to get pictures of the paintings and stained glass. I had my eyes on a different prize…the head.

The head laid there, unattended and mounted perfectly with the great natural light hitting it’s surface…time to pounce i thought to myself..It’s time.

Next thing i know, a nun popped up out of nowhere and started praying next to me. I cant take a picture of a decaying head with a women in holy robes praying directly by my side. New plan…the finger…

She finished her praying right as I took out my camera of course and came over to the finger to pray to Saint Caterina’s other body part.  “Okay…this needs to get done…time to get bawlzee”

I backed up a bit so i was just out of her sight, only to walk into a man by accident. The place was starting to get packed..IT WAS NOW OR NEVER!

The finger was soon mine, as i snapped a quick photo and disappeared. Leaving the ushers flabbergasted by my sneaky moves and the nun left unaware of what just happened.

That’s right, sista’ cant say shit. I gots myself some BAWLZ.

P.S. Sorry my picture stinks…it was done quickly. But Jess has one on her phone that ill get up here in the general future.


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